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David Petersen
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Scott– Colorado’s seasons closely parallel those of ID. I grew up in Okie with a rifle deer season that opened Thanksgiving weekend and archery in early Oct. So I too have a distinct association between hunting and fall hardwood colors and temps. So far as “practicality,” for those to whom “success” is all that matters, you can’t get a better month for elk in the Rockies than Sept. because they’re rutting and vocalizing (until the idiots with fake bugles glued to their faces show up and shut ’em down, often the first day of the season). And Sept. in elk country often goes from 80s early month to heavy frosts every night the last few days … and with a month’s season you can choose your weather. But it’s just too early imo. Hot days, bugs, serious problems with meat preservation if you’re a serious backcountry hunter, etc. Mule deer don’t rut until several weeks later and are still in velvet for archery season, yet deer and elk archery run together, so archery deer season in the Rockies really sucks, again imo. I don’t hunt bear but if I did I’d prefer early Oct. when other seasons are closed and bears are fat and fixing to den thus the best meat and pelts. So, my advice if you’re considering a western mountain hunt for deer is to hit timberline where the big bucks are in Sept., and for elk come late. But these days timing is generally trumped by location. If you’re hunting with “good” road and ATV trail access, you’re far better off spending the money to take the wife to Hawaii. Or go alone. 😛