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David Petersen wrote:

Etter — For several months in 1969-70 I was stationed at Hunter-Stewart while undergoing Army helicopter flight training. This included a weeklong jungle survival class in the swamp, where we were larded with spook stories about giant hogs, gators and quicksand. All I ran into was plenty of rattlers, which taste like chicken when you’re hungry. I recall flying treetop along those forest-shrouded winding rivers, and very tough walking and navigating. Perfect Bigfoot country! I lived at Savanna Beach and there was nothing there but nice old frame houses. I’ll bet it’s unrecognizable now.

I lived just south of Savannah from 2008 to 2011. Working at a split position between Fort Stewart and Georgia DNR. I looooved hunting Ft. Stewart….280,000 acres of swamps and uplands. Some of my favorite spots were swamp islands accessible only via canoe. The summers somewhat sucked, but at least there was plenty of water and bikinis. Between the excellent deer, turkey, and hog hunting, duck hunting in the marshes, redfish and trout in the grass flats, there was always something to do.