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Steve Graf wrote: [quote=Etter1][quote=David Petersen]A fair chase feral hog hunt (no bait, no hounds, etc.) someplace other than Texas.

You can be on feral hogs every day of the week in south ga on public land. Theyre fun to hunt. Fort stewart in SE ga is loaded with em. Gas money and a license is all it costs. Season is open year round.

Then that’s a done deal! I’m going after deer season. Will I see them in January and February?

Yeah, I know guys down here that get on em pretty much every hunt. It’s swamp hunting. Hip boots and a compass are a must. Tailfeather and I were talking about doing a January or February hunt down there and maybe throw in some red and trout fishing. We sure wouldn’t mind some company if we get some dates settled.

I will be going to Arizona for 10-12 days in January depending on how much driving I can get done each day so I don’t have as much flexibility as I normally would but I bet Joe and I can work out a few days to make at least a long weekend. Even if we don’t, he could probably point you into some nice areas.

It’s in SE GA, near Savannah.