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handirifle, I agree with what you said. I have long wondered how someone who makes an X-Bow using primitive tools out of nothing but wook, hemp rope stone point and feathers is any less “trad” than someone who has a carbon-fiber recurve made by a machine, shooting carbon arrows, fake feathers fast-flight string and broadheads that can stick into steel. That being said, in my opinion “trad” is about the experience, not just the weapon or material. I do not fault your brother, or any ethical hunter for using their weapon of choice. My argument against the X-Bow is it’s potential to attract “slob” hunters. Take the recurve in the above example. Before you even shoot it you need to spend conciderable time with it. Brace height, nocking point, arrow spine, etc. Then, you need to spend weeks upon weeks shooting just to become “ok” at 10 yards. Compare that to the scoped X-Bow that the mega-store sells you. They sight it for you and you are ready to go. In fact, it it possible to stop at the mega-mart on you way to hunt and buy the very weapon you will be hunting with as soon as you leave your car. Again, to me “trad” is a process, not just a weapon. Imaging if X-Bow hunting was legal, but only during rifle season. Would saled be up like they are? I am thinking we need a “trad” season. Even X-Bows allowed, but only those that you actually have to practice with for a long time. Also, any self-made weapon (up to and including muzzle-loader, no rifles). Only restriction is no scopes or sights. Then, give the wheel-bows and “modern” crossbows and rifles their season. IMHO, of course. Be well.