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Stephen Graf
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dwcphoto wrote: Steve,

Your addition is interesting. I took another look at the article. It seems like they did pretty thorough testing. Also, the photo could be misleading. The deer might have all been dragged to a common place before the photo was taken. I agree that it’s very unlikely they would all die in a heap. It might be more likely that they would all die on a common ground that might have been somewhat sheltered from the winter weather. dwc

I’m sure they moved them to that pile. I was just commenting that if they were in a small area when found, that’s odd.

I read the testing part several times, seems they did a visual analysis, but no blood work or tissue work from what I can tell. Of course reporters don’t give much detail ever, so it’s just as likely as not that they did blood work.

Lots of things can cause blood in the digestive track…