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David Petersen
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Polar Bear, I’m with you, also on a fixed and shrinking income, only lacking your willpower. 😳 I believe I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread that this quest for the most lethal and bulletproof possible broadhead for really heavy game under all shot circumstances, need not be for everyone. But it’s for me, being primarily an elk hunter. And, frankly, I am into it partially in order to help facilitate such interesting public conversations as this one. And like Ashby, I don’t allow manufacturers to give me their products for testing, though I see nothing wrong with that up to a point. Happily, there is still a solid middle ground for those who want to get into the cutting-edge single-bevel game (pun intended, sorry) without blowing their kids’ college fund. I have long said that I think the Abowyer Brown Bear is the best single-bevel on the market for the money. I’ve heard that they recently raised prices significantly but haven’t looked into it to confirm how much. If the BB has priced itself out of the market for many, the honor of best bet for the bucks, IMHO, falls to the Tusker Concord. I’ve tested both these heads on elk with just as excellent outcomes as I got with the Grizzly (which increasingly is allowing itself to be displaced as market leader) and the premiere ABS Ashby. I’ve never tried Silver Flames, however, another top-ender so I hear. We have endless choices, ain’t it great. Dave