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Stephen Graf
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I like to keep it simple. So I use the carbide sharpeners that you just drag over the blade. It always works for me and I end up with no hair on my left arm mid way through archery season.

Alaska Bowhunters Supply has a single bevel sharpener that I just bought a while back. It is very nice. 3Rivers has the same style but for a regular double bevel edge. Then there is the good old bear carbide sharpener for about 5 bucks. I had a green bear carbide sharpener for 15 years. I gave it to a friend last year and he is still using it.

No moving parts, goes in the pocket.

I bought some Abowyer heads that are pre sharpened and coated with plastic to keep them that way. They were sharpened on the paper wheel system. They are very sharp. But no sharper than I get them with my trusty carbide sharpener 😀