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David Coulter
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I’m making some space in the shop now and just moved a pile of aluminum shafts from the past two years of stumping. I bet there’s 30 bent arrows in that pile. I bought the aluminum shafts cheap and it was a great way to learn for me. They shot really well, very consistently for weight and accuracy.
That said, I just bought a dozen Beman Bowhunters, brass inserts and a set of heavy field points to tune with. I don’t lose many arrows, but I bend and split plenty. I lost about six to damage in the past three weeks. I’m hoping the carbons will eliminate a good bit of the damage and be cheaper in the long run.
If you’re not fletching arrows yourself, get started now. I use the tape and have been very happy with it. I can fletch an arrow in about 15 minute with the tape.
Good luck.