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Traditional bowhunting didn’t become traditional bowhunting until the compound came on the scene. Before that everything was just bowhunting. A lot of things you might be thinking of shunning might have been acceptable in that day. In fact a lot of pre-compound bowhunters used sights.

We are trying to define what we are by shunning technology in some areas but we will accept it in others. The use of man-made materials such as carbon, phenolic, fiberglass, aluminum and such in our bows and arrows for instance.

I have no problem with the lighted nock if it will help a bowhunter judge his shot placement and aid him in recovering his game. I have no problem with anything within reason that will aid a hunter and help them take game ethically. In my mind what we call traditional is relativistically modern and very technological.

The guys who make their own bows and arrows, knapp their arrowheads, pound out sinew for strings and such…their the ones who are primitive and have the right to call themselves such. But even most of them rely on some modern tool of form of technology somewhere along the line.

It sounds good to call ourselves traditional and shun the modern compound. I am one who does. But we are just as modern in a lot of other ways.

One could also throw in the is camo traditional question into this mix.