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mhay wrote: Well, having been downwind of a baby in a wet diaper ,,,,and knowing how rank a rutting buck smells ,,,,I DISAGREE . I have read of hunters who claim they wizz right from the treestand with no ill effects on the hunt. I don’t practice what they preach.

Best approach in my opinion is to LEAVE all human scent OUTSIDE the areas of stands , blinds and so forth.

I let fly too from the stand.:D And I’ve watched deer directly below me sniffing the wet leaves, standing in it, and casually wagging their tails, and going about their business.

I don’t purposely pee all over the woods, but when I have to go, I have to go, and I’m not keen on carrying a bottle of my own urine on my person…LOL! I’ve shot enough deer over the years, and seen enough reactions to my urine to come to the conclusion that it doesn’t bother them.