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R2 wrote: I just did a little research on “deer scents”. It’s hard to imagine all the deer it takes (I didn’t find that number)to gather 660,000 gallons of doe pee (buck too) every year.

That’s a lot of deer living their life out in little stalls, the article said several does to a stall because they’re more sociable, bucks get their own “cell” , I mean stall.

That’s something I hadn’t really thought about until we began talking deer farms.

So we have brood-stock, antler sales, urine supply, elk meat (I’ve personally never seen whitetail buck steaks in any restaurant,possible I guess)and trophy shooting. What’d I miss?

I know, I’m in Texas and it’s here too big time and I don’t want to make a state thing out of this cause it’s everywhere.

Sad to say but there are places in Texas where you can buy an elk to shoot. What it boils down to anyway.

Consider, too, that all that doe pee is general from does in estrous. Ponder what it takes to keep a doe in heat for damned near her entire life.