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Here in Mass you are supposed to take a deer, bear, or turkey to a checking station WHOLE. That is field dressed, NOT cut up. Since I have a cell phone, I was thinking if I did kill a deer more than 100 yards from the car (since our topography was carved by glaciers, 100 yards would include 2 ridges, all the flat land is farmed) , I would call the game warden and ask him to get his !@#$%^& over and help me drag the animal out of the woods. At that time he would probably tell me to quarter it and take it out in pieces. On the other hand, Farmer Jim has offered to take it out with his tractor (if it is in his neighborhood, and he is unoccupied), and Mushroom Bill has offered to help (if he isn’t working, or otherwise occupied), and there is always Audrey, and Arwen (she measured herself and informed me that she is 4’7″ which is only 6″ shorter than I am). If it happens, I’ll get a pic of the three of us dragging some unfortunate critter for your enlightenment (or entertainment). Until then you will have to come up with your own visual.

On the other hand…

How big a stream does it take to float a dead deer?

While here I want to thank youse guys (y’all in dixie) out west for the snow. 🙂