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Daniel — first, it’s great to have a picture of you at last. Anonymity (sp?) is overrated among friends and it sure seems that this website is friendly. Second, while I absolutely honor your intent to provide at least two different design options, and assuming that the slightly convex design (a la Eclipse) does a good job of cutting, still, I have found that curved broadheads heads are very hard to sharpen equally on both sides and want to go flat, and as the curve tends to wear down toward what a biologist might call “homeostasis” — that is, where the laws of physics want things to be — one side usually wears faster than the other and weight goes unbalanced. This is the primary reason I prefer flat-sided heads to convex, though I’m no engineer. I reckon this is a separate topic? Sorry. Just a thought, and thoughts are fun. (Which is to boldly suggest that folks who think, even when the thinking hurts because it goes opposite of what we want to think, have more fun than those of us who just accept the thinking of others.) This is a great thread, kingly thanks.