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skinner biscuit wrote: The m44 dispenser is akin to a land mine.What if a little kid found one and started messing around with it out of curiosity.The fact that the agents carry the antidote speaks volumes.SCARY!

My aunt and uncle once owned 64,000 acres east of the hogback mountain, east of Aguilar, CO. They were sheep ranchers with probably a thousand head of sheep and a couple of hundred head of cattle. Needless to say they had quite the coyote population (also the ranch where I had many lessons in rattlesnake control). Getting back to M44, back in the old days it was very common to be used for coyote control. My uncle was a man of few words but he was good at making his point clear. He took my younger brother and I to one of his M44 “traps”. A coyote, an eagle, several other critters and one of his favorite sheep dogs lay scattered around dead. All he said was “Don’t #*@##* with those things”. Nuff said. This was before the time of protected eagles. Good thing because of other incidences. Predator’s a predator when it’s killing a man’s livelihood to a lot of people.

Another thought, in the area where mom and dad lived, west of Mesa, CO., there are coyotes but more damage was done to livestock and fawn deer and elk by dog packs running than coyotes. Bet that’s so in some other areas also. Coyotes got a lot of unwarranted blame.