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During elk season of 1998 a young mountain lion came in to check out my cow chirps. She got pretty close without me being the wiser. I just happened to go in the cat’s direction when I decided to move up the ridge.

We locked eyes for a few seconds before I fired my rifle. That was an electric moment for sure.

The weird part of this story is that I actually had a lion tag in my pocket. It’s the only time I have ever purchased a lion tag. Now I have a lion rug on the wall above my desk.

I was not in any danger and am confident that I could have scared this 2 1/2 year old female away if I had tried to. Her stomach was empty but she was in good shape. A mature male might have been a different story.

Try a variety of varmint, or deer, or elk calls — whatever is natural to your area. If I decide to try for another lion that’s the approach I will take.