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David Petersen
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Shane, I’ve been thinking that if there are multiple cats and you can legally kill them, and the object is to kill them to get rid of a risk to livestock, rather than sport, I’d take a rifle out and just get ‘er done. You can also use an electronic game caller which will allow you to be a better position, like up a tree, and not have the cat focusing on you when it comes in. That’s illegal in some states but not many, and it’s totally unethical in sport hunting. But if you’re doing damage control anything goes.

I don’t hunt predators, period, much less with a rifle. But a few years ago after weeks of having two coyotes harass my dogs and wife on their walks–one snuck in from behind to nip my wife on the butt but our Golden got there in time to make a save–I took the scoped .22 out on their next walk and, when they came charging in barking, as usual, I took care of the problem pronto. No regrets. There is sport hunting, and there is necessity.