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I’m pretty happy with what Arkansas has accomplished in the last twenty years. WMA’s in most areas of the state along with good management practices has finally gotten us to the million mark of deer population. As I read the state reports and stats I realized that weather plays a large role in reproduction rates. Early freezes affect acorn crops and spring rains (too much in 2007) affects the turkey poults.
The wmas are large plots of land purchased by the state exclusive for hunting refuges which include a variety of waterfowl and deer, turkey hunting. This year an archer can harvest up to three deer, no more than two legal bucks. Must have three countable points on one side. Up to three does can be taken. The doe harvest has been a good management tool for the state. I do however, look at a lone doe awhile before I decide to take her for two things in the early season. One is to let her pass by or meander awhile to make sure she is alone or has a fawn. I like to wait till a little later to kill does to make sure a little more growth enables the fawns to survive alone. The second thing is to really look for the button bucks and let them alone. I really prefer to kill the old long nosed does later in the year. If I have a few does walk by me, the last one is usually the old matriarch which hangs back and lets the younger deer be the point man. To hunt with archery or muzzleloader you must have a sportsman permit which is 25.00 for a resident and goes from June to June.So far this year it looks like a promising year. Oct 1 thru feb 28 season for archers. Management of the deer herd also allows several rural hunts later in the season which enables you an extra tag Bow hunter education and a sign up for these hunts.Deer vs. car is also a justification for Deer management in arkansas.