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David Petersen
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Thanks, Steve. Obviously Alex let the cat out of the bag. I just dropped him off at the bottom of the mountain in the dark — he has two days left and the elk have quit bugling and gone to ground. They must not like jazz musicians. 😀 Ironically, after packing a camera every day of the hunt, on this evening I forgot it so all I have are post-butchering shots from the pack-out next morning. I have killed 3×4, 3×5,4×5, and 5×6 over the years but never even heard of a 4×6, which makes this rack special to me. The two sides are symmetrical in beam and tine length, but one has two more points. One shot with “Ashby” arrow set-up — bull walked, not ran, 15 yards and down and dead all in seconds. Of the two dozen or so elk I’ve killed with stickbows, only three have done this — down and dead within sight — and all three were shot with heavy arrows and two-blade heads.

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