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David congratulations on the fine elk.:D It is a beautiful trophy .Do you have room left in the cabin for another rack? When you get caught up will we get a story? I have been following post on Tradbow is this how it happened?

RE: Discipline in the field
Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 6:54 PM
Walking and calling are fun hunting, and as you say they combat boredom. But for killing elk you can’t beat sitting in silence, long boring hours and days, in a place with plenty of recent sign, or several such places. Thomas “T” Downing is the most successful cow-calling elk hunter I’ve known–he called in a bull for me two years ago and had several others going crazy in a place where I hadn’t heard a bugle or seen a bull in nearly a week. But T has the vocal magic and most of us don’t. IMHO

Congratulations again! I am real glad the TuffHead worked out for you .Including yours this is the third reported elk killed with the TuffHead in the past week .It was a good week for the TuffHead and a bad week for elk. I am looking forward to the details of the hunt.
Joe Furlong