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William Warren
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I have taken a few deer with the rifle and the shotgun but in my time I have most enjoyed the muzzleloader and most of my deer were taken with the muzzleloader. I only shoot patched roundballs now and sidelocks only, never any of that inline stuff for me. Sidelocks are as reliable as the handler, period. Hangfires are not the guns fault, they are due to the shooters inattention to the loading of the rifle and the nipple area.
While I have spent many years bow hunting I have not taken as many deer with the bow. I have used all types of bows and I have to say that traditional is my favorite and I am not likely to ever use wheel bows again. For me bow hunting is the most exciting method to take whitetails, and that might be the reason I have more anxiety over the shot with the bow. Just too much excitment for my excitable self.
Equally exciting is rattling in a buck and taking him with a muzzleloader. Eventually I would like to try this with the bow. The last one I rattled in came in to 15 paces and I could have shot him with a bow having waited for him to turn his head away to shoot.
But back to the subject. I guess I’m not a purist since I will use a firearm.