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i have been shooting traditional bows for a few years,hunting in my family can be traced back to no end,my dad his dad my dads grandfather and the same on my moms side my dads dad was a commercial fisherman for many many years as well,i still remember raising crawfish nets with him,and the last few years he did it after his stroke i was in charge of 175 of his nets i baught my own bait when i couldnt catch shad wich i normally could,in three years i made well over 4 grand and have not spent a penny of that money i set it aside and spent only the money i made cutting hay,neighbors grass and spring sheep selling, from my, at the time 45 sheep.i have never been to a public school only home school,i am now a junior,i only do 2 hours of school a day,two subjects, however i do school year round therefore doing just as much as everyone else.i can say i have the life that everyone wants, i can hunt or fish every day of the year.i unlike most kids that are home schooled have many friends and i am quite popular the only problem is most of them are just freeloaders who know i can take them on better hunts than most guides.i am blessed with a half dozen or so true friends all hillbillys and rednecks,as well as a great girl that i recently got into traditional bowhunting as well she just killed her first hog with her trdbow on my grandfathers back fifty.hunting and fishing is my life,i mostly like the idea of traditional bows and although i do like shooting them i find deer hunting gun or bow as boring as hunting can be.i am a shotgunner above all nothing comes before duck and woodcock hunting,to date i have killed a woodcock and duck with my bow both were sitting still,and yes i cheated,by having my mom who works the dog carry my bow and arrows,and when the shot prevented itself i handed her my benelli shotgun automatic and shot the birds with the bow.besides shotgunning for any bird species, my second passion is squirrell with a 22, a 22 is the most deadly gun in the world bottom line, my choice is the ruger 10/22 with a heavy bull barrel . 920 diameter and target bullets.hunting is my life a like the challenge of the bow every now and then although i like to shoot it every day and can hold my own with compound shooting friends hunting with the bow is really not that funt to me.i also to a certain extent do not believe in limits i live in a family of four a can say that we have not purchased meat in many years, a connot remember the last time, if you eat what you kill there is nothing wrong with that.i say do whatever makes you happy,just not trophy hunting only meat hunting,or as i would say sport hunting and the best meat in the world,the person who would say gun hunting is wrong, is not a challenge, is truly a fool.sorry for the length of this,have fun relax enjoy hunting enjoy the meat enjoy life.I AM A TRUE CAJUN OF THE DEEP SOUTH CENTRAL LOUISIANA THAT IS MY OPINION.GODSPEED