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I’ve read some articles that have read that you can’t claim to be a bowhunter if you hunt with a gun. I can’t say I agree, or at least I need to stop calling myself a bowhunter. I guess “hunter” pretty much sums it up.

I hunt with a recurve (the selfbow is acting wonky, so I need to make another one; alas, too late for this season) and have always felt that bow season is for the solo-experience, the challenge of stick and string, the growth of my woodsmanship, and the best time of the year to be afield. Gun season has always been about the comraderie and tradition of deer camp.

Lean times or not, I appreciate being able to put wild meat on my family’s table, and hunting with a gun has done that more for me than the bow. I would be very happy to not be able to hunt with a gun for lack of tags, and maybe this year, Lord willing, that will happen. I will be in the woods on Nov. 15 (MI hunter also) maybe with my bow, probably with my Remington, hopefully with only my camera.

Good luck, and God bless.