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Thanks for the comments thus far.

The grip on both feels very similar to me. But the Bear feels more “natural” overall when I draw back to anchor compared to the PSE. I was using the same arrows with both bows (Easton XX75 Camo Hunter 2117). I picked up some arrows at a local sportsman’s show for 50 cents each in various spines (2215, 2216, 2219, 2315, and 2413) to test both bows as well. I’m hoping that will help me decide which arrows each bow really likes but it will probably just cloud the issue even further. 😀

I’m still curious about the relative noise and relative weight differences between the two bows. Is a one piece bow usually lighter than a takedown? Is it possible that the one piece bow is inherently quieter compared to a takedown with separate riser and limb pieces?