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Thanks, Smithhammer. I figured that the takedown would be heavier but wasn’t sure if that was true across the board.

I have to say that I like shooting the PSE, especially since it’s what I started out shooting. But I “love” shooting the Bear. It just feels all-around better to me, even though both bows are the same length and there is only 5 pounds difference in listed draw weight. I think I have definitely found a keeper.

I also picked up a Bear “Cub” at a local gun show recently. It definitely needs some TLC. Someone in the past painted the belly in a bad camo pattern and that is peeling. The bow is so dirty that I cannot even read the serial number, AMO length, and the draw weight. If it wasn’t for the Bear coin and the sticker on the upper limb (“Bear : Glass-powered : Cub”) I would have thought it just a no-name recurve. Now I’ve got some research and work to do as I want to restore the bow the right way and I have never done that.