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Bruce Smithhammer
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TMS wrote:

Is a one piece bow usually lighter than a takedown?

Yes, in general. A 3-piece takedown in particular will usually be noticeably heavier than a one-piece equivalent, due to hardware and additional materials involved. It’s part of the trade-off for the added convenience of packability with a takedown. But additional mass isn’t always a bad thing.

TMS wrote: Is it possible that the one piece bow is inherently quieter compared to a takedown with separate riser and limb pieces?

No. Whether a bow is one-piece, two-piece or three-piece has nothing inherently to do with bow noise. I’ve shot two and three-piece bows that were just as quiet as one-piece bows. The number of pieces in a bow, assuming it is a well-designed bow, doesn’t necessarily contribute to bow noise. However, a number of other variables, such as bow design, string material, arrow weight, etc. will all make a difference.

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