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Doc Nock
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Steve is a good one to heed carefully what he shares…

Just because two bows of different design are the same draw doesn’t mean they’ll shoot the same spine arrows well… I have all my few bows within a 2-3# range and no two of them shoot the same arrows.

I also would heed his comments on grip. I shot varied bows “OK” but had to really concentrate on how I gripped them. Then I got my Kirk-Bow custom fit to my paw and wow! What a difference a few changes can make!

I’ve seen guys pick up a half dozen bows and shoot them all like they were old friends…low to high wrist grips… but that is NOT me!!!!

Find what works, enjoy it to the max cause if it’s arrows being properly tuned or the grip or whatever, once a bow and you dance well together, like Steve said, try to enjoy but figure out WHY? New arrows might change the dance…or your draw, etc…simple things like the type limb tip protector can change arrow tune enough to see or feel!

Good luck and enjoy the ride!