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lee c
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Hey Droptine…all this is some great info! I can’t beleive you started collecting back in the 70’s! Wow! All that awesome Bear stuff was brand new! (Well,I was born in 71′ so,I do remeber SOME of all that Bear glory!) Heck,when ol’ Fred passed in 88′,I was 17…all I knew was Bear tackle! I kick myself almost daily when I see on the “Big Aution Site” some of the tackle I passed up or lost or whatever,drawing some CRAZY, at times, prices! Holy cow! I can only imagine what some of the older guys around are saying!
I do think however,maybe it’s just me wishing or imagining here, that alot of stuff is in fact,coming down. What do you think? My focus is rabidly on Bear tackle..I know,I know…there’s alot of other makers out there too.. It’s just me though.. Take care,Lee