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Dan-I’m with you on this topic! Working as a carpenter it seems like I work inside during the summer and outside in winter- go figure. My hands get very cold, numbingly so, and necessity being the mother of invention here are some possible solutions that work for me whether in carpentry or bowhunting.
First make sure your toes are warm- Sorels work great.
Next warm head and neck- polarfleece hoody is my present choice.
I bowshoot with a glove and have found a thin liner glove will fit into the stalls either silk or nylon then over that a wool hunter’s mitten- the one where the front opens up and you can flip it back to the velcro tab on the back of the mitten. Also handy for wiping that annoying snot and moisture from mustache and beard!
If it’s really cold one of those cheap heat packets in each glove will warm you up.
If you shoot with a tab, you might try what the winter steelhead fishermen here in the PNW wear which is basically a neoprene wetsuit glove.
And if it’s really, really cold- stay inside by the woodstove with a hot toddy and make some arrows and read a good book!
StandingBear lives above the 60th parallel-BRRRR!- maybe he’ll post some methods that work for him, such as 1st kill a caribou then………..!!!!!
Stay Warm& Good Hunting- Bert