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Doc Nock
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Math is not my strong suit… but 3/100 of a second difference =10%???

I’ll take your word for it… Makes my head sweat… 😳

Whether it’s relevant or not, and no offense meant to your potentially expert knowledge and experience above my own, but last year, I got to talking to Troy Breeding on Doc’s recommendation.

Learned that my old standby “bare shaft planning method” of tuning (3 shots fletched vs 3 shots bare shaft comparison) was inadequate with EFOC or UEFOC arrows. Got Troy’s tuning guide off the Tuffhead site and used it.

OMG! I wasn’t “quite” as tuned as I thought. Also I’d tune 2 and then cut the rest. Troy enlightened me that in his past building competition arrows, he weighed, checked straightness and spine on every shaft in every dozen he bought and had to cull 2,3,or 4 from each dozen…suggested I tune each shaft..not batch cut.

I did. P/in the Butt, but it really helped. FWIW.