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David Petersen
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Jim — think of it this way: YOU are the biggest predator in your neighborhood. Truly a scary thought, and true.

Bruce, aka Smithhammer (that’s not just a wee bit German, is it?) lives and hunts in about as “threatening” a predator situation as you can find in the lower 48, with an abundance of the full spectrum of bit toothy things. His experience speaks well for his opinions. Frankly, when I’m slinking around in the few remaining places wild enough to host grizzlies, wolves and the rest, far and away the one animal I most fear walking up on and surprising is a moose, esp. cow moose with calf, or a bull moose in rut. Truly unpredictable creatures, which makes them far more dangerous than usually-predictable “dedicated predators.” I’ve twice been chased by moose, and never by a bear etc.

Gee, this conversation makes me itch to head north for some summer camping again!