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J.Wesbrock wrote: I don’t know about the wanting to go left or right part (never looked into it; never needed to) but it’s been common knowledge for many decades that setting up a bow for perfect center shot is a huge no-no for finger shooters. That’s why you won’t find any tuning guides out there that suggest otherwise.

I guess I was thinking of it more theoretically, not necessarily with either fingers or a release. Prior to reading Dr Ashby’s report, I’d NEVER heard anyone say an arrow precisely centered would need to be stiffer spined, and in fact figured it was a no-brainer that the opposite would be true. I’m having a difficult time understanding how that is. I’m not disagreeing with Dr Ashby, I’m just trying to wrap my head around the concept…unsuccessfully so far.

J.Wesbrock wrote: Because of the diameter of the arrow shaft, the only way to get perfect center shot is to have a sight window that’s cut at least half the width of the arrow shaft beyond center. In reality, the widow would have to be cut ever further beyond center than that due to the thickness of the strike plate.

Good point.