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David Petersen wrote: Jim — I almost never read “Me and Joe” hunting yarns, but you pulled me right in on this one. Be prepared for many deserved jokes about you waiting until game is in sight to assemble your gear. Is that Aussie military training? Reminds me of a wealthy Texas rifleman I once guided for elk, who carried his custom Seika in a case through the whole hunt. As with your hunt, no animal was harmed but the weaponry went home safe and unscratched. 😆 Believe me, the little Shrew isn’t that delicate. I guess it’s true what they say about folks doing everything upside-down in Ozzieland.


Gosh It did not dawn on me Jim was protecting the bow.:idea:

That is a compliment to you Dave. You should not be so hard on him.:wink::wink: We probably should not make fun of him while he is still sleeping. But it is fun anyway.:o I am glad he also protected those broadheads. They are real precious especially when you have to ship them to the other side of the world.:D:D …..Jim is a good sport…I hope he wakes up on the right side of the bed:D