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David Petersen
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What Patrick says! Except no way is carbon “traditional.” If you go by how long a technology has been around, alums have carbs beat to pieces. But otherwise I see aluminum shafts as obsolete. They are too fat, too hard to get good FoC and bend/break easily. In my opinion (humble or otherwise), it’s woodies for traditiona and carbons for all-around best performance and I can’t even understand why alums haven’t gone the way of solid fiberglass bows and arrows of my youth. But in the end — aside from making absolutely certain that if we shoot an arrow at an animal and it hits, it what’s needed to kill fast and humanely — other than that very critical issue, we’re in this for fun and personal challenge and satisfaction so what others do and say don’t mean beans if it doesn’t sing to us. Now, time to walk the dogs in a cold rain.:roll: