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George D. Stout
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Carbons will split on the ends, and not after a multitude of hits on rocks, etc. I don’t hunt rocks or steel poles, and only occasionally hit rocks on an errant shot. You nearly have to foot all carbons….on both ends. That’s why those guys are always looking for a couple extra aluminum shafts; to protect their indestructible carbons. 8)

If you pay attention at shoots, and if you peruse the threads in various forum, you will see that it is true. On the 3D ranges there are enough carbon shards to fill a fifty-five gallon barrel….in most cases. Indestructible? No.

Someone also mentioned consistency. Aluminum arrows have been in use since the 1930’s, but the alloys have gotten much stronger over the years. I don’t know what you guys shoot into, but I can have aluminums last as long as any other material, especially if you use some Bunny Busters on the killin’ end of them.

I wouldn’t toll the death knell quite yet on the “beer cans.” They are more consistent from size to size; come in usable hunting weights without loading them down; and you don’t have to buy big diameters as Dave mentioned above. A 2020 is durable, heavy, and has enough spine to accomodate pretty heavy draw weights.

It’s always interesting that some folks foolishly want to throw out anything except what they consider the best. I’ve been at this for a while….starting my sixth decade this year and know pretty much what works. I love my wood arrows, but I have shot aluminum since the 1960’s. I don’t see a big advantage on durability….maybe a tad more, but there is no gain on consistency….not close.