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Just as there are varying degrees of quality and durability in aluminium arrows (gamegetters vs XX75’s vs XX78’s), there are varying degrees of quality in carbon arrows. While I haven’t had experience with all carbon arrows, I do have very strong opinions of those I have used. Just a few examples of that:

Carbon Express Maxima’s did split on the ends often when they hit something hard.

I have yet to ruin an Easton Axis or ABS GrizzlyStik and they’ve been through the ringer. I don’t shoot arrows to try and break them or to see how much punishment I can put them through (although I’ve jokingly stated so elsewehere). What I do though is, when I practice, I try to “thread needles” through branches, between trees, etc. That leads to some pretty spectacular “misses”. When I walk up to those arrows sometimes, I fully expect them to be broke, in some way, but each time they completely shock me, and I mean that…they really shock me.

With all of that said, I don’t have any allegiance to carbon. In fact, I’m switching to wood arrows as soon as my stash of carbons dry up. Because I want to go more traditional.