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I shot carbs in my other bow which is off topic here, but I will say I have broken more CX carbs than aluminum with that bow. As far as traditionals go, I’m getting ready to puchase my first set or sets for two differant 45# traditional bows. One is a self longbow that I just finished, and the other is a Bear Kodiak that just has been shooting the Easton 2016’s with feathers just great.

In the stack of arrows that are available at the shop, he has woods 50-55’s and Beaman 340 carbs. I can order the Eastman carbs as well. So alot of thought has been going into my purchase thinking. My traditional self longbow is just screaming for woods.

I do have 1 dozen Arrow Dynamic’s Nitro Stingers that are still uncut @ 32″ that have the same taper design as Grizzly Sticks and have thought about making these up with feathers and starting at 32″ and then going down from there to see where the perfect flight is.

I like heavy arrows, what can I say.