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Bruce Smithhammer
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Steve Graf wrote: Smithhammer,

A politician works hard to get elected by saying that gambling is bad and he will make it illegal in his state. Which he does upon getting elected. Then he takes a vacation to Vegas and gambles on somebody else’s dime. From what I read, this seems closer to a reasonable analogy.

Certainly true had this guy gotten up on a soapbox and decried lion hunting previously, and/or was appointed to the position on an “anti lion hunting” platform. And maybe he did at some point, but I’m not aware of it, nor have I read that anywhere. He simply went to another state, and hunted something that was perfectly legal there. I haven’t read anything to indicate that he did it as some sort of agenda, or to make a point about anything. In fact, it seems that if he made a misstep at all (other than accepting the trip gratis), it was in not expecting the amount of blowback he got, which politically was probably pretty naive, given what state he’s from.

Despite all the chatter, I don’t think there is a “growing” population of people opposed to ethical hunting for sport and management. In fact our wildlife commission did a study 2 years ago which showed that over 90% of the population of NC supported hunting as a tool of conservation.

I would go further and say that I can’t remember ever meeting anyone ever that was totally opposed to hunting. I have met people opposed to hunting deer with dogs. Or shooting deer at night with lights, or killing deer to protect crops, etc. I know there are a few folks out there that are adamantly opposed to killing anything for any reason. but they are few and far between in my experience.

Steve – I live in rural Idaho, and I can assure you that my experience is the same here as yours in NC – everyone hunts, or if they don’t they don’t, they don’t tend to think anything wrong of it. But have you ever spent much time on the Left Coast?