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Bruce Smithhammer
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Troy Breeding wrote: If they did indeed let him go from his job for hunting instead of other reason, then yes I say he has one heck of a case.

Until we find out the full facts to this it is nothing more than speculation.


If we get the facts. I highly doubt the Commission is going to admit that the furor over a legal hunt in Idaho is why they have forced him to step down. They will no doubt have, or come up with, other reasons. Maybe those reasons will be valid, but it also seems highly likely to me, based on everything I’ve read (a lot more than just the link above) that they are simply caving in to a bunch of special interest pressure here.

It’s their state – and if they really feel that his behavior is so inappropriate, then they have the right to remove him. But still, it seems pretty ridiculous and extreme to me, and pretty indicative of where public opinion about hunting has been going for a while now. Just read the comments.