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I am not surprised with the removal in one way after all he is supposed to be representing CA as there game and fish commissioner so he was supposed to set an example that the others under him should follow and by going out of state to hunt a species illegal to hunt in his own sate set a bad precedent.

I know we can argue he did this on hos own time but in this day and age were everyone is over connected, the argument is made he has no free time when he is in office and under a microscope.

He could of waited to out of office and had no problem, but I think the bigger problem some of the responders to the article were saying was the problem was the hunt was paid for by someone else which represented a conflict of interest and so he had to pay it back. You can bet that is what the state will use to argue for justification as his removal.

Personally I think that is cool he got to hunt a lion which is on my to do list with a longbow.