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David Petersen wrote: Jans — I use the CE250s with 450 grains up front: 225 Tuffhead with 100 grain adapter and 125 grain insert. The shafts weigh about 350 and I total out just below 800 total. But this is an elk setup that I never shoot beyond 20 yards … it’s my shooting skill that limites me more than any trajectory problems.

For deer, antelope, turkey etc. I drop back 100 grains or more in head weight but not sure why.

I know there are many far superior carbon shafts out there but I know nothing about them. Being a very reluctant carbon shooter, I somehow got started with CEs and since they work I’ve stuck with them. Many folks here know more about the various carbon options than I do. While you don’t need a heavy arrow set-up for pronghorn, so long as it shoots to your satisfaction “there’s no such thing as over-kill” in hunting arrows, while opportunities for being under-gunned lurk behind every magazine advertisement (except TBM of course). 😀

Ha! You guys are all great! I really appreciate all of the advice and support! It’s a bunch of trad mentors on line:) I think I am going to take the same approach i use when shooting long range rifles. Use a heavy bullet, shoot often, and use the same gun and bullet set up on everything:) That being said I already know those willy goats will taunt me out at the maximum range I am comfortable with again this year:) Seems they know just how close to let me belly crawl through the cactus and sage. Maybe they enjoy the sight of self torment?:)

I’m headed to the archery shop to see what kind of shafts I can find to fill the bill. I will keep you guys posted on what I come up with.

Many thanks,