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I used to hunt Marijuana Growers in the Jungles of Arkansas years ago and have been down the seed tick route!
Turn your pants inside out and spray them with off or whatever you choose to use which contains DEET or the other derivatives. Deet works well and you can read the back of the can for it’s percentage of content in your can. Spray bottles usually have a higher content. Now that your pants are sprayed let them dry before you put them on. Coat your lower legs with Skin so Soft by Avon. Sorry it does have an odor but I would rather stay with the wind in my face than eaten by chiggs and ticks. This stuff helps with the little critters immensely. Now spray your boots before you put them on, and the tops of socks. Your pants should be dry now, so put them on, then your boots. Now for the radical thing I used to do while laying in wait for the bad guys in the brush. Wear Panty hose! Yes, I said panty hose. Ha, sounds weird right? Well I did it and it helped. I just told my wife if I get killed, make sure they know why I was wearing them lol! Naw, believe me I was not the only one.
Sulpher tabs and vineger? Well I tried that too along with Garlic. I believe that the Garlic helped the most as I drank a lot of water while in the woods during late Sept-Oct which causes you to sweat and excretes the Garlic from your pores.From the minimum to the radical, you have my antedote for those little critters which like to bite and suck your blood, Dang things!:)