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David Petersen
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No direct advice to offer here, except the “misery loves company” kind. Dr. Dave Sigurslid, who co-writes the TBM “Campfire Philosopher” column, gets the World’s Worst Timing award by badly dislocating his left shoulder a week before season opening–and yes, he’s left-handed. Hard as it is to do, he plans to take his own medical advice and lay out of archery season entirely this year, and perhaps your friend should do the same. My wife recently broke her right wrist, and she’s right-handed, and for that and previous bone innjuries his advice has been “don’t push your luck.” The risk is transforming a temporary injury into a permanent ailment. If a break doesn’t heal correctly and fully before stress is applied, it’s at risk of becoming arthritic for life. I don’t know how this applies to collar bones but I personally wouldn’t risk it. Doc Don Thomas is hunting bear in AK so we can’t expect his advice on this. Doc Dave plans to compromise by joining me in hunting camping and maybe sitting on stand a few evenings armed with a camera. If it every quits raining here, hard hard rain and stinking afternoon. Best luck to your friend.