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Nick D;

I had the same injury years ago. I’ll not say how many…just really don’t want to admit it.
I broke my left/bow hand collar bone and cracked my shoulder blade playing fullback in high school. Of course it was two days before our first game of my senior year. Dr. told me I wouldn’t play for ten to twelve weeks, nor would I be able to draw my bow; but I was hard-headed and with some extra padding in the way of a large sponge taped under my shoulder pads, was playing outside linebacker in five weeks. Stupid yes, now I know that.
Even with the added abuse was still able to bow hunt come late October early November. (The brake occurred in late August early September.)
My advice to your friend; “don’t rush it”. Let it heal completely before trying to shot or tackle. My collar bone did not set straight, and though I move my shoulder/arm without limitations, I do have “uncle Arthur” reminding me of my impatient determination.
I would guess that your friend isn’t as youthful as he thought prior to the bike wreck and like most of us…well we just don’t heal as fast as we once did. I’m usually surprised, though I don’t know why, at how bending your body, or parts, in a manor not meant to be accomplished at a given level of maturity (again not admitting to getting older) will…enlighten you. 😉
I do hope you friend has a speedy recovery and heals well. I also hope he will learn from my mistake and give it time to heal. I hate it for him, but its a good call on missing at least the beginning of elk season.
I do…well, did feel his pain.