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Paul Mwttmann
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Croatoan wrote: For the longest time I was using Ribteks, I don’t even think you can buy them in the States anymore. Think they are now only sold in Aussie land, least that’s what I heard. I still have about a half dozen in the broad head drawer.

About three years ago I tried some of the Wensel Woodsman’s, don’t guess they call them that anymore.

Either way, my tapered cedars love ’em. I’m getting great arrow flight with them.

Wouldn’t mine getting some more Ribteks though, does anyone know if those are still available somewhere or if someone has a secret stash and are willing to sell a few?

These guys will be able to sort you out with some Ribteks. I imported some to New Zealand less than a year ago with no problem, these guys were good to deal with. archeryshop.com.au.