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David Petersen
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Andrew — I am personally sold on Tuffheads, but yes, they are among the premiere and therefore pricey brands. I haven’t personally checked it out yet but I hear on good authority that Zipper, the new owner of Grizzly broadheads, is or soon will be selling their improved versions for about the price you quote, but for 6! If so, and if they’re hunting sharp out of the package, like the Tuffhead and a growing number of others are (that is, sharpened by KME or another top-end honer)they will be giving all other brands a perhaps market-shaking run for the money. I don’t know if they will offer screw-ins, but if that’s what you need you can always use adapters, as I do with the Tuffhead. You could start by giving Zipper a call. Keep us posted. Dave