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Stephen Graf
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Yea, I think you may have misread me. As you have done, I have tested the single bevel efoc arrows and been impressed. I have used that setup exclusively for the last 3 or 4 years.

When I brought up the smaller animals like deer and squirrels, I intended to point out that the effect wouldn’t be as observable on those critters. 10 inches of penetration gets you through a carolina deer. 2 inches gets you through a squirrel. I didn’t mean to say that the single bevel efoc arrows would be less effective on smaller game.

And on the replication thing – somebody else has to replicate it. Self replication makes your hands hairy 😯 😳 🙄

I was simply trying to be factual without taking a stand…

I’m done now. I’m off to put an edge on my hunting arrows – 620 grn, 21% fOC, Abowyer Brown Bear heads, 1.5″ aluminum collar behind the head for strength. Fancy laquer cresting, and home made Carolina Turkey Feathers.

Dave, I know you don’t approve, but I’m going bear hunting next week in New Brunswick. Hopefully this won’t come between us 8)