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No offense taken, it’s always good get more than one set of eyes on something. I always thought that from 7.5 it shot pretty snappy. I guess some explanation of how I come by then number is in order. I bought the bow used and then bought a string for it. The string is about 48″ total length. If I remember right I kind of asked around and got the 7.5″ number. I did try to change it a little, but never to 9″ that seems a little high. I think maybe I will tweak it a little and try to see if can twist up the string to a 9+” brace, it would be interesting.
Thanks for the info. it is worth investigating,

Steve Sr. wrote: The brace height on a Super 48 is normally around 9.5 inches (string to grip throat), give or take going by sound and vibration. Too slow? lower brace height. Too noisy? raise it.

Yellowfeather? Your brace height on a K Mag is 7.5 inches? That’s less than my 60 inch Super K (and my buddy’s four other 60 inch Super Ks) that runs 8-8.25 inches and at least an inch below the brace height the four Kodiak Mags another friend and I have had. Might want to play a bit?? No offense intended.

The CURRENT Bear archery leaves this pretty vague at “7-8” inches for ALL bows but most of ours are the 60s versions. I’ve yet to see ANY Bear mag, either length that shoots well with less than 9 inches. Ive shot the Super Mag bow with 9.5-10 inches that sounded and felt pretty good but never owned one.

NOT saying it’s not POSSIBLE, but it would be rare indeed. If you like it that way, then the mission is complete. I would be willing to wager that at 7.5 inches of brace height the bow would even register lower on a bow scale than the weight indicated on the riser.

Bear Archery bows have always had a fairly high brace height and built TO have one. I speak ONLY of Grayling, MI bows since all I buy for myself. I know when I buy a Super K, I just start with 8 inches and normally will go up a tad and that’s a 60 inch bow.

I’ll ask around. Im sure one of my buddies shows an ad or spec sheet on both.

God Bless!