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jason samkowiak
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The ams safety slides are the best way to go IMO. I use them on every arrow. Back many years ago when i started bowfishing there were no safety slides. What I did to get good arrow flight and still keep the line out front was this and it might work for you if you dont want to use safety slides.

We bought leader wire for fishing. Stuff you use to make your own wire leaders. some metal crimps and a swivel. run the leader wire thru the front arrow hole and crimp it to its self. then feed a swivel over the leader and run the other end thru the back hole and crimp it to it self. This way you have a leader wire running the length of the arrow with a swivel on the leader. connect your string to the swivel and now the line can be out front but when you shoot the drag will pull the swivel to the back of the arrow. it worked just like the ams slides do now.

But again I think the ams slides are the best option now.