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David Petersen
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Fellers — I have friends who seriously hunt squirrels and shoot, break, and lose tons of arrowws. They really have no choice but to carry big back quivers that can pack in a couple-dozen arrows. For your specific needs — walking to and climbing up to a tree stand — well it depends on how far and how brushy the walk. Most treestand hunters are in ag areas where the walk to the stand is short and easy. In that case I don’t see that it really matters what quiver you use. But for serious ground hunting where you’re ducking under trees, fighting through bad brush, etc., and as mentioned need to wear a backpack, there’s really no choice in my very long experience other than a bow quiver. If your arrows buzz or rattle when you shoot, you have a problem with your quiver or mounting. If you prefer to shoot without a bow quiver, buy one of the many models available today that easily and silently slip on and off the bow with rubber straps. Through many bows and many years, I personally find I shoot better with a bow quiver as it adds a bit of weight and, thus, stability, to what otherwise is a featherweight bow. My Shrews, for example, weight less than a pound “naked.” Like most of life, it comes down to your particular needs and personal preferences. I do all my hunting from the ground and a lot of walking and weaseling silently through thick cover. For what it’s worth, there you go. Dave