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OK made two changes to the bow, that helped a LOT. First, as mentioned, I adjusted the tiller to be even, and I have been working on my own bow quiver. Never liked slip on or wrap around styles. Slip on’s were too heavy and wrap around just moved too much for my liking.

Mine mounts to the AMO riser inserts (2) on the side, and (as yet to be added) a lower mount (one) at the bottom of the riser. It is all aluminum except the broad head cup, and it is a combo of plastic and foam.

I know it’s not to the liking of many but suits me fine and will actually look pretty decent when it’s all painted up. Anyway, with just the top mount, for now, I shot the bow, and I would guess perceived noise is cut about 1/2. That and there is very little movement of the quiver. Movement might have been due partly to tiller before, but all is good now.

I will still build a longer takedown, when I build my own, just to see if it does seem to make a difference. Plus a longer bow should shoot a little easier as well.